Day 8: Expand a comment

Thank you, Maria, for leaving your comment on my post and then expanding it in yours. I learn a lot from your blog, and I look forward to connecting more!
Friends, I happily introduce you to Maria Holm, a retired Health Visitor in Denmark. She liked my post! 😀 Please give her blog a visit, she has a lot of neat things to share.

From one Heart to Another

Thank you for this wonderful story. I feel we are connected as we share the same values about being engaged in the people we meet.

My comment in the quote above comes from a post from a fellow blogger “Healing Through Connection” which is hard to forget and brings many lessons with it.

Catherine is a medical doctor in a hospital in Chicago and I am a retired Health visitor in Denmark. What do we have in common?

Catherine highly values to find the right understanding for her patients, and in the case of her blog post, in her students renting her flat. The flat was her home where her first-born were born and everything is full of memories. The Chinese student called “Lucifer” had managed to spoil the flat completely in the two years he lived there and for clearing up the huge mess Catherine got a wonderful help from an “Angel”…

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