More AND Less

Hello again, friends!

I meant to reblog this beautiful piece by Jodi yesterday!  But my airport Wifi timed out before I could actually post…😣

Jodi has inspired me to reveal my theme for the upcoming Blogging A to Z Challenge!  26 posts starting April 1, one for each letter of the alphabet, indeed around More And Less.  I plan to explore meaningful words to apply to perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and relationships.  For instance, how would the world look and feel if we all Adored more and Attacked less?  Or Beautified more and Brandished less?  I have an extensive and growing list of words, woo hooooo! 😄 So, we’ll see how it goes.  Hope you will stop by and check it out!

8 thoughts on “More AND Less

  1. Hi, what a great idea your friend had for you to repost your theme reveal. I was actually just going through the signup list because I will be traveling tomorrow and I won’t be able to visit many blogs. We will be driving home from our kids spring break trip and it will be an all day trip. You are right below me or right above me on the A to Z sign up list. I am on the blogger/blogspot platform so I know from past experience that not many WP bloggers visit my blog. I have a WP blog just for commenting and this year I think even that may be a problem because now I’m getting inundated with emails that I need to change my “about me,” page. I don’t even have an “About me,” page. I don’t even really have a WP blog. I just did that so I could log into the WP commenting platform last year for the A to Z challenge. I think I just created more chaos for myself.

    BTW, I love your theme and I like the two word association. I will definitely check back with you often during the challenge. You are close to me on the list. I’m number 243 on the theme reveal list, but it keeps changing so here it the link to my theme reveal.
    Take care and I will see you more this month.

    Melissa Sugar
    Twitter @msugar13

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    • Thank you, Melissa! I will try to visit your blog. I could not find myself on the AtoZ roster anymore, thank you for finding me! I’m really new and not facile at all the tech-y stuff here, so I’m a little anxious about being able to visit other bloggers’ sites. Thank you for reaching out first! See you in the next month! 🙂


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