Light Over Dark

It’s been a rough few weeks—too much going on, a wave of self-loathing and imposter syndrome, and cloudy days that suck my energy completely away.

Throughout, however, I have mostly held it together and not (yet) destroyed any relationships, I think…

Today I sit filled with gratitude for my broad and dense support network and all of the FUCKING BRILLIANT AND AMAZING people who surround me with love, light, integrity, inspiration, and hope.

This too shall pass.

There is much darkness around us. And light also.

Please use your candle to light and relight others’ when they get blown out.

And seek those who will reliably relight yours.

That is the only way to save us all.

13 thoughts on “Light Over Dark

  1. Cathy, I hope you realize that for many people—myself included—you are an effing brilliant and amazing person who fills me with love, light, integrity, inspiration, and hope. I’m sorry it’s been a rough few weeks for you and hope that darkness will soon become light. Take care of your special self.

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  2. Ah Catherine, these times…It’s even harder if there is personal tragedy or struggle. It can almost obscure the light. Thanks for the reminder and please know that I am rooting for you and all the light keepers. May you know much love and tenderness and hope…


  3. Cathy, the reason you have others offering their candles for you is that you’ve done the same so many times. I feel for you and hope this chapter closes soon! xoxo


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