In Praise of the Words of Others

Today I give thanks for my amazing WordPress friends.  Every day my Reader fills up with inspiration, education, curiosity, and connection.

So today, I will share some of these treasures!

I already reblogged Donna Cameron’s post on when it is nobler to sacrifice honesty for kindness, but here it is again.

Maria Holm has written a heartfelt letter to an impetuous young woman on the real search for true love.

Rachel Griffin, an artistic force of nature, writes powerfully once again to give voice to people with mental illness, and remove once and for all the stigma and shame around them.  You go, Rachel!

Emily Heath wrote a powerful post, the first I had read about Starbucks’ red cups.  It’s still the best one I’ve read yet, and was picked up by Huff Post.

Benjamin Studebaker, a gifted political scientist, gives us the perfect reframe of feminism, so we can all move forward using the word as a synonym for gender equality.

Finally, Melissa recently wrote a moving piece on the tenacity of nature, despite the destruction of humans.

I hope you enjoy these articles and authors as much as I do.  It’s a privilege and a joy to count myself among such inspired and inspiring people.  Thank you, all!

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