November Gratitude Shorts, Addendum

I missed Day 13 due to the meeting I mentioned yesterday. Briefly, all day Friday I found myself feeling grateful to live in Chicago. This is rare–most of the time I lament that I live here and look forward to the day I can move back to Colorado. But being among my many passionate and inspiring colleagues, and reconnecting with people from my last 24 years here, I was reminded that this is where I am meant to be now. 
Focusing on anywhere other than where I am now serves me little. The climate bothers me, and I prefer mountains to water. But I live here, and I can visit the Rockies anytime I want. My life is here right now, and it’s a pretty great life. So I will practice gratitude for Chicago more often from now on.  

4 thoughts on “Chicago 

  1. That is a good attitude but I warn you, it has consequences! I’ve wanted to return to the Pacific Northwest for nearly 30 years, but in the mean time have been determined to celebrate Chicago. Now that I can finally return, guess what? I’m not sure I want to leave!

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    • Haha! I will cackle or sob with irony if that ever happens to me! I don’t see it, but you never know! Oh well, that will just mean that I will finally have learned to live fully in the present and appreciate where I am, right? And then I will have peace? Aaahahahaha, we will see!! 😉


  2. And here I am in Virginia missing Chicago! Haha! There’s a comfort to be found in those places we grew up in. It reminds me of my dogs on road trips. The minute we pull into our neighborhood with the windows down they can smell home and get so excited! I think somewhere deep inside me there is that same homing instinct…and yet I do love where I am today too. Your post made me think! 😊


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