An Interjection


Hello friend readers!  Want to share this from my morning Facebook feed… A video about Donald Trump that made me think.

Forgive me, I have not yet learned how to embed video into posts; here is the link.

And my thoughts:

Wow, this really paints a different picture–positively stymies me. As I watched, I remembered all the other things I have seen and heard him say–so inconsistent–mind-bogglingly so–with what’s presented here. So we will have to wait and see. And do everything we can as individuals to hold his feet (and those of all of our elected officials) to the fire.

I am extremely skeptical about his character (so extremely). But if this video truly represents it (OMG so skeptical), and he can manifest it in the next four years (***starting by calling to his supporters to stop committing assault and battery in his name***), that would be the best case scenario.

I will pray for his better angels to prevail. I know many of us believe he has none. But if we write him off forever now and oppose him for its own sake, we risk throwing away a unique opportunity to learn and connect.

In the end I would rather have given him the benefit of the doubt and been disappointed than thrown him away and wish I had been more generous.

Because I want to live generously. It’s better for my health and happiness, and I think it’s the better example for my kids. I can do that and be skeptical and pragmatic at the same time.

God help us all.

2 thoughts on “An Interjection

  1. Thanks, Cathy, for your thoughtful words and this link. It was eye-opening. I guess there’s ample evidence on both sides of the “who is Trump, really?” question, and only time will tell. Clearly, he must prove his claim that he wants to be President for all of us, and that he has the temperament (there’s that word!) to do it. Meantime, we need to be activists for the nation, world, and future we want to manifest, and for me that means peaceably but strongly (and kindly) speaking up for justice, equality, the environment, honesty, transparency, and so much more. One sad thing (I think) is how the world now views America, and how what we’ve always stood for appears to be tarnished, perhaps irrevocably. If you haven’t read this article, I highly recommend it:

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