November Gratitude Shorts

Hello Again, friends!

Yesterday morning two fellow bloggers inspired me.

Andrea Badgely, who writes Butterfly Mind, introduced me to NaBloPoMo, a challenge to publish a post every day this month–and I’ve signed up–holy cow!  Given that I could not even meet my original publishing goal recently, some may find this impulsive and unrealistic.  I agree, and it feels great!  The word “challenge” holds multiple layers of meaning here.  It will be hard.  It will stretch my limits and hopefully expand them, as challenges often do.  And, I might fail.  I might only publish a few times rather than daily.  Or worse, I’ll post complete and total drivel every day!  And (cringe) that’s okay.  I share memes and quotes all the time about having to fail in order to succeed; now it’s time to walk the talk–to try. 

Jodi, who writes Life In Between, inspired me with her fantastic November Thank You card giveaway.  This idea blends two important themes in my life—gratitude and paper! I need to practice more of the former, and I love almost all forms of the latter, as they serve as tangible conduits of expression and connection.

These posts remind me of a practice my Facebook friends introduced me to a few years ago: Post something you’re grateful for every day in November.  So I’ll do it again, this year on my new blog, wooohoooooo!!  It will be a challenge in every sense of the word.  I need to overcome my perfectionist tendencies, practice conciseness, and just do it.  It will give me the opportunity to explore the thoughts and ideas that pop up every day, while letting go the need to be all deep and philosophical, necessarily.  I think it could be very freeing!

So here goes, Gratitude Short for November 1st (November 2nd forthcoming):

I give thanks for my husband. He has stuck with me for 22 years, despite knowing me all this time.  He has seen my deepest flaws and loves me anyway, even when I don’t want him to.  I honestly believe we were destined for each other in this lifetime.  We don’t have many interests in common.  We approach life often from opposing viewpoints and butt heads, so much so that sometimes I think we both must have been bighorn sheep in a past life.  But no other relationship in all my life teaches me more about vulnerability, unconditional love, personal evolution, curiosity, perseverance, self- acceptance, self-exploration, perspective taking, and patience.  I can honestly say that it only gets better with time.  What a nice way to start a month of gratitude.

10 thoughts on “November Gratitude Shorts

  1. That’s a nice tribute to your husband. And I find it interesting that you’ve been married 22 years, as that’s how long my wife and I have been married, too.

    Gratitude is a very powerful thing. I’m keeping a gratitude journal to collect the people and things that I’m grateful for.

    Congratulations on taking on the NaBloPoMo challenge. I’m doing the nonfiction version of NaNo myself, as you know. It IS scary, which is part of what makes it exhilarating. Break a leg!

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  2. Cathy! I love this, literally everything about it, from the writing challenge, to your sources if inspiration, and the theme of gratitude! I just happened to read Andrea’s blog. I didn’t know there was a Na..Mo for blogging. I’m very tempted to try. Cheers to you and your amazing husband, too!

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