#AtoZChallenge: Presence and My iPhone: A Poem

IMG_0313In this Post-Post-Paleo Parenting Period

The Prevalence of devices Purturbs me

iPhones, iPads, their Pervasive disruptions

Of Personal interactions and attention


Even as I Persevere to Prevent myself

From Peering at the screen

I lose Precious time with my Progeny

Whenever I look away from them toward the Phone


Away from the Petite and Precocious Mei

Away from the Pensive and Pragmatic “Guh” (older brother)

They are mostly Patient

Sometimes Peeved


They deserve more than a Perfunctory Parent

They are Primary

They require my full Presence


I hereby Proclaim and Profess

To Practice Purposeful Pauses and

Curb my Propensity for screen-Peeping


This is my Parental Pledge


So Please, my Peers, be also my Patrons

Pass not your judgment

But Provide your Pardon

And Partner with me on this journey

As we all Proceed to Pattern

For our children

The People we wish for them to be


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