NaBloPoMo 2021;  Do Good, Kid

Life is full these days, friends.  So much going on, all around and over the emotional sphere (because it is so not a linear spectrum)… Joy, Confusion, Heaviness, Connection, Deep Love, Wonder, Hope, Uncertainty, Fear, Anxiety, Pride, and Peace, among others.

It’s late.  I have enough ideas to finish the month, I think.  But tonight I need to rest.  So I invite us to simply be with our wonder for a little while.  Let us be still and actively marvel at all that leaves our mouths agape and our minds in awe, however we see or experience it. Below is my offhand list of things that consistently cause me to marvel.  What would you add, and why?

Nature.  Seriously, the beauty, the power, the vastness, balance, peace, perfection of it all…  Just Wow.

Technology.  All from serial collective efforts of our puny frontal lobes.  I don’t always love it, but OMG.

Art.  Some expressions really can speak for all of us, rendered only as one person could.  Unity in uniqueness.

Words.  Verbal, visual, representative.  Languages may separate us, and yet in combination, they express everything we need to communicate and come together in shared experience.

Ability.  How far can we push our bodies, minds, and spirits?  Why are we so called to find and exceed our limitations?  How is it that we always find a way?

Evolution.  Nothing stays the same for long, and yet some things never change.

Paradox.  It’s always there, holding everything together.  Maybe this is the origin and foundation of wonder itself?

Science. The penultimate amalgamation of everything above.

Complexity.  Life is just SO much more interesting when we really resist the urge to oversimplify and overgeneralize.

Connection.  I think we live for it.

7 thoughts on “Marvel

    • Oooo YES!! Thank you! That reminds me of the human body, which I marvel at all. The. Time!! The parameters for normal function are incredibly narrow, and yet we can tolerate significant derangement in multiple levels and not only survive but actually function highly!!… Until we crash… but really the degree of systems compensation is immense and awe inspiring, for sure!!

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  1. And Divine Presence which informs, communicates, connects, and unites us to that which both transcends and is immanent in each of us. For we are not just made to hear. We are seen. And we are loved.

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