#AtoZChallenge: Evolving an Ebullient and Eloquent Ethos


The journey is long. I have many things to learn and assimilate along the way. How can I not transform? Of course there are values and Essence that Endure —love, connection, sincerity. I joined Facebook circa 2008 and have since been reacquainted with middle and high school friends. It amazes and inspires me how we were our core selves at that early age, and we remain so even now. It’s so obvious, yet so profound. As I continue to Explore and discover, I must allow myself to integrate, to Evolve—to become ever more who I am meant to be.



Dictionary.com: “1. High spirits; exhilaration; exuberance. 2. A boiling over; overflow.”

Ebullience inspires. It draws people near and ignites positive Energy. If I want to do good, if I want to be a positive influence—to lead—then I need people to want to follow me. I can only Exude Ebullience if I tap my own passion—that for which I will wholeheartedly invest Endless Energy and time, Evokative Emotion and service, to see through. My Enthusiasm should be palpable and contagious.



My words can lift and launch—if I choose them Effectively. Eloquent does not mean Erudite or Esoteric (Thank you, Mrs. Summers, English teacher and SAT vocabulary Extraordinaire). It need only be honest, authentic, appropriate, and Exact. The more I learn, absorb, process, and Embrace, the more I appreciate how all that I do is connected. And, I stand bound to all of humanity and universal Existence. I speak and write to address the core compassion that threads us all, binding us inExtricably. I do this because I see it as the noblest path to world peace.



Merriam-Webster: “The distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.”

It’s not about fame, reputation, or legacy. It’s about knowing and owning all of who I am, about living consistently and with integrity. All who know me should know the real me, the same me—they should all have me in common. The whole me will Encompass my flaws. I may behave Erratically at times. However, my core character should be readily and unEquivocally Evident upon Engaging me in any meaningful way.


Universe, please grant me the Energy to sustain this mission of contribution.


This was fun, friends! Who knew there were so many Excellent ‘E’ words!?

17 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Evolving an Ebullient and Eloquent Ethos

  1. How serendipitous that you visited my blog for the A to Z challenge. I am looking for a new physician for me and my family; if you are accepting clients, may I know your email? Mine is a.catherine.noon AT gmail.

    In other news, I love your blog! The background is beautiful and serene. Thank you for sharing your vision; I look forward to reading more letters throughout the month. Happy blogging!


    • Nevermind, found it! 🙂 And I like it very much! You seem to travel to places I would like–where you can see the intersection of nature and man, in a context of leisure and appreciation. 🙂 I especially loved the buffalo photos–my favorite animal. 🙂 Will look forward to seeing more–have a great week! –cc


  2. I loved this! The advice just from what these words mean is very inspiring. Eloquence- My words can lift and launch- if I choose them effectively…this is exactly why I write my blog in the style I do. I want to inspire but not overwhelm!

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    • Thank you, Carol! I think you are the first book reviewer I have ever met–is that the correct title? What interesting and high-potential-for-learning-and-connecting work that must be! Thank you for stopping by, I hope you will come around again! 🙂


  3. Beautiful! You have found an incredible balance between a blog that is fun to read while inspiring me to want to be the best I can be. My favorite line, “I speak and write to address the core compassion that threads us all, binding us inExtricably. I do this because I see it as the noblest path to world peace.” Bravo!!

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