Root Down to Branch Out

NaBloPoMo 2021:  Do Good, Kid

From the moment you hit the earth

A seed of life

It starts

Maybe ground here is too hard

Too dry

No entry point

Wind blows you about until finally

An open cranny

You nestle in

Soil here is soft, rich

Rains often enough

That you soften too

Open up

Extend tender sprouts

Seeking affirmation, encouragement, stability, welcome

Warm earth says yes, stay here

I’ got you

Settle down 

You’re home

Tiny stem, thin stalk, stiff sapling 

Stretching skyward

With absolute adolescent audacity

Limbs thicken along with trunk

Leaves face, unfurl, seize

Golden rays of nourishing light

Stretching ever higher, as if to lift

Off from the place

That took you in

At your most vulnerable

Hopes, dreams, aspirations—

Learning, budding, reaching

Grow, grow, grow!

Seasons cycle

Gentle, severe

Abundant, austere

Nurturing, injurious

Ad infinitum 

As you spread up and out

In bold, ascendant expansion

Deep rhizomes drill

Down and out

Far and wide

Securing your communion

With all that is rooted

An underground network

Sensing you

Always giving

Your foundation

Holding you up 

Through it all

Grounding fortifies you

That you may strive faster, higher, stronger

Sturdy, anchored stability

Supple, limber mobility

In dynamic balance

Life of healthy growth

Evolution in action

One mitosis at a time

Ad infinitum

7 thoughts on “Root Down to Branch Out

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