Sunrise at Haleakala, Maui

This is my appeal for us all in 2022.

In thought, emotion, habit, word, attitude, and consumption, may we all exercise disciplined, quiet, and humble moderation.

May we breathe deeply and observe ourselves kindly. 

May we reflect on our automatic responses, however briefly, seeking understanding and grace, for ourselves as well as others.

May we practice self-compassion, in order to offer it also to others.

May we recognize the myriad inherent ‘both-and’ paradoxes of life, embrace them, and even laugh freely, mirthfully, at the complex, absurd, tragic, and natural beauty of it all.  Between apparently stark and irreconcilably opposing poles, where is the Transformational Third Way?  I intend to seek this path more in the coming year.

Give the A.

Rule #6.

Hold space.



Make important decisions when you absolutely have to; before then, take your time.  Take a breath and ask yourself, do I have to decide right this minute?  How can I make the most of the interim?

Stand in possibility and connection.  It is always possible to connect.

It’s all so much easier said than done, and I’m aggravated humbled every day at how my walk lags so far behind my talk.  And yet, every breath I am given is another opportunity to try (*sigh*).  All this talk is my genuine effort to nudge myself toward my highest and best.  When I come to the end, assuming I’m given a moment to look back, I hope I can honestly say I did my best, and be okay with it.  Come to think of it, why wait until then?  Why not ask every day?  Every encounter?  With any given breath?

I want to die at peace, whenever and however it happens.  So I commit to living in peace as much as possible.  And even (especially?) this aspiration needs a moderate approach (cue cosmic laughter)!

Happy New Year, friends. 

May 2022 bring us all a little closer to one another’s best selves.


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