NaBloPoMo, Year 8: Here We GO!

Okay friends, I’ gotta lighten up.

For 7 years before now, I have always had mixed feelings about November blogging, when I commit to 30 posts in 30 days. Though last year was definitely the most memorable and personally meaningful, every year I write things I’m proud of, and I’m glad I make myself do it.

It costs a lot, though. Late nights, some threat stress, and unnecessary irritability, likely related to self-judgment, perfectionism, and other emotional hangups. So, every year is a new opportunity to make it a better balance. I want to have more fun, while also writing things worth reading. I want to connect with people who appreciate the things I do. I seek self-expression, but not only for its own sake. That’s what sharing is all about, right–finding our tribe and feeling that mutual support and understanding, to get us through the hard times?

Here’s my plan for 2022:

Word of the day… No, that’s too restricting. Experession? Idea? WHATEVER! Yes, I will post the myriad ideas that catch my attention every day, that make me think, and that make life soooo interesting! And only one at a time? Maybe… WHO CARES? I get to decide, and it’s all okay. It just has to be good enough, something I myself would want to read again–to keep thinking, wondering, learning. Better if it’s short, too–that might help me get to bed on time… I may also share ideas that to date I have only posted on Facebook, because I deemed them unfinished, unpolished, or simply too short to be ‘blog worthy.’ No more! This year in November, I will try new things, experiment bravely and with abandon. I promise myself to have fun, to take my own advice, and to look back on December 1st with joy, satisfaction, and pride.

Let’s see how I do, ya? C’mon friends, woohoooooooo, here we gooooooo!!!

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