NaBloPoMo, Here We Come!


The Cubs have won game 5 of the World Series.  Halloween is tomorrow.  In two days I will commit to publishing a post a day for 30 days.  Woo hoooooooo, bring it!!  It’s been a year since I tried this the first time, and I almost made it—26, I believe, and a few may have been reblogs of others’ work…  I felt embarrassed about the ‘failure.’  But then I got through the A to Z Challenge by the skin of my teeth this past April (last post at 11:30pm on April 30th), and that was much more fun.  So I’m trying again, yaaay!

I launched this blog 18 months ago to address physician-patient relationship.  I aimed to discuss communication, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence, as tools to rekindle that trusting, continuous bond that so many of us miss in medicine today.  Since then I have come around to the original theme occasionally, but not nearly as often as I had intended.  So I take this annual blogging event as an opportunity to refocus and try something new.

For Na Bo Po Mo 2016, I intend to write 30 letters to patients.  Some will echo routine conversations; others may reflect my musings on this vocation.  I may examine observations on the state of medicine today.  Or other things, who knows?  I will at least attempt to convey my deep love for the work and the people.  Maybe I can help fellow physicians and patients connect, or perhaps lend some perspective and awareness.

There is a lightness to trial and error.  When you try something new, you make a commitment, set an endpoint, and decide how you will measure the outcome.  But you don’t have to attach yourself to a particular outcome, just the process.  I commit to try my best and have fun, and see what comes out, in fewer than 500 words per post.  I wonder where this will lead?  Maybe it will turn into a monthly newsletter for my own patients?  A book?  A column somewhere?  Anything is possible!  I’ll never know until I try, and I like the openness of the adventure.

I hope you will visit often, and leave your thoughtful comments.

Let the journey begin!


4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo, Here We Come!

  1. Catherine, looking forward to a month of your posts. I think the “letters to patients” idea is inspired! As a Seattle resident, I know what it is to have a baseball team that continually disappoints (I was going to say “sucks,” but that wouldn’t have been kind), so I can commiserate with Cubs fans and am rooting for them to go all the way. Besides, Ernie Banks was one of my lifelong heroes, and I know he’s somewhere grinning with his trademark delight. Have fun with NaBloPoMo–that’s the most important thing!

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    • Hi Donna!
      Thanks! I have never been a baseball fan, and I was pretty apathetic about the World Series until last night… But research shows that mental attitude matters so much–if you go into a game thinking ‘we can’t lose, we can’t lose,’ then you are more likely to lose. If you think instead, ‘we have to win, we have to win,’ then you will more likely win! So I found myself really rooting for the Cubs last night–we had to win!! 😀
      We will see how the month goes–I have a list of at least 30 topics, and I’m sure more will come up. I’m determined to have fun!! Onward!! 😀 Have a great week! 😀


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