Inaugural Intentions


Things are feeling a bit dark again…  Reminds me of October, when I got emotionally hijacked by current events and found myself anxious and angry, but wouldn’t admit it for a while.  On the eve of a new presidential administration taking office, tensions run high once again and I’m challenged to avoid a similar decent into despair.

It really helped to take the Holiday Break and write to my friends.  I did it by hand, with colorful pens, stickers, and rubber stamps (I love rubber stamping).  I intended to connect more personally, and that’s exactly what it felt like.  As I see and hear expressions of fright, dread, sadness, anger, and pessimism among them, I intend to continue corresponding by pen and paper.  There’s just something more tangible about it, more intimate and permanent than email, text, or Facebook.  I have included excerpts below—the ones that felt particularly inspired.  They represent my intentions for managing myself in the coming years, of reinforcing my core values and focusing on my highest aspirations.  As Simon Sinek posted once:  “Fight against something, we focus on what we hate.  Fight for something, we focus on what we love.”

To my friends who have expressed, “get over it,” and “stop whining,” I respectfully request that you try to empathize with those of us who feel despondent.  Nothing will improve if we keep ridiculing and belittling one another.  If you experienced this from ‘us’ before the election, remember how it felt.  Rise above our worst collective behavior and help us overcome our fears and disappointment by showing us that we really do share more love and connection than we might think.

Unity and true indivisibility require all of us to pitch in and reach out.  I hope that by one year from now, we can all look back and feel proud of the connections and relationships we strengthened, from left to right and otherwise.


What a crazy year…  All bets are off, no one can possibly predict what will happen now—so much anxious uncertainty surrounds us all over the place!  …And yet I feel hopeful and optimistic.  This is the time for our best selves to truly shine—the perfect opportunity to call on everything we have trained for—all of the grit, the kindness, the curiosity, the openness, the brave vulnerability~~~all of it, in service of connection, mutual understanding, and forging a way forward to a BRIGHTER future!  Because we now know, again, in humanity’s history, what darkness looks and feels like.  We can’t stay here, and we won’t—we can each shine a light.  And if we stand close, the light amplifies exponentially.

So thanks for being a fellow light shiner, (my friend)!  May we keep our connections with each other and our other fellows ever close—we need us—the world needs us—now more than ever!!  Keep it lit, my friend.


…Hope this card finds you well and HOPEFUL.

Because I have decided that that is what we all need to practice more now than ever—HOPE.  Those of us who strive for conscious living and more connection than the superficial have TRAINED for this moment in history—to PRACTICE OUT LOUD and IN FRONT of everybody—to lead by example and make the difference we were born to make!  We don’t need to do big things—we just need to keep the faith and stay the course!

’Small things with great love,’ I think Mother Theresa said?

Please know I am here to support your efforts, as I know you are for mine!  Let’s get together and hold each other up again soon!


…Because I know so many people whose core values represent the BEST of our shared humanity—equality, compassion, community, connection, love, and forgiveness.  The world needs these qualities and practices by us more now than ever—so if we hold each other up, we’ll all be able to do the work better—TOGETHER!!  So here’s to long friendships and deep love!


I received this handwritten response from an old friend today.  It warms my heart and holds up my hope:

“While we may snarl a bit at anticipated political shenanigans, let us remember we have strength in numbers and determination to keep life in this country respectful and fair—simply by the ways we live and interact.”


And finally, I’m also encouraged that our international leaders express a similar optimism:

Angela Merkel: “I am very much convinced that we as partners benefit more if we act together than if everyone solves problems for themselves, and that is a constant fundamental attitude on my part.”

Peace to all of you, dear friends.  Let us manifest our best every day.

10 thoughts on “Inaugural Intentions

  1. This is fabulous.
    I’m cautious about “hope” though. Hope carries an attachment in my mind, an expectation. I’m much more intent on staying in the present moment, to offer a different perspective to my friends who are suffering with all this, to challenge others’ reality. But mostly, I wish to stay apart from the emotional churning. I cant function at all there.

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    • Hi Sandy! Happy New Year! I know what you mean–Hope can always risk disappointment when we are attached to a particular outcome. Staying in the moment is exactly the practice of mindfulness, which research shows pretty irrefutably (in my opinion) to mitigate anxiety, disappointment, regret, and myriad other detracting emotions.
      That said, I think we can also practice a kind of detached hope–maybe more akin to deep confidence or faith–that the long term natural order of things is wholeness and integration. This feels transcendent to me, like a bird’s eye (or space station) view, reminding me that our daily personal arguments and wars between groups, however intense, are small in the grand scheme of things–pimples on the face of humanity. And as we all know, acne can scar both inside and out, but it’s not life-threatening. The detached hope that the best of humanity resides in each one of us, that we all have the potential to rise above our circumstances and events, above others’ actions toward us, and cultivate an inner peace that can then spread to those around us–that helps me. 🙂 Thanks for stimulating me with your comment! 🙂

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  2. Thanks Catherine. Wonderful post. I’m sharing the Simon Sinek quote on FB. I’ve always thought of myself as a cause driven person rather than an affiliate of any political party and will continue to do so. Many are saying that Angela Merkel will be looked to for more leadership if America pulls away from the international community, and I can’t think of a better person to take up that leadership mantel than her. Peace Catherine, to you and yours.

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