Do What You Can

NaBloPoMo 2020 – Today’s Lesson

I thank my friend for re-introducing me to Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert.  He conducts long form interviews with people who dig into important topics, but with some lightheartednesss. 

Jon Bon Jovi appeared on Episode 251 this fall. I’m reminded why I so admire this pop culture icon, philanthropist, and all around good human. From 44:24 they discuss his new album, 2020. As a rock star also known for his strong give-back ethos, he discusses the risk he takes by making a topical album in a year of remarkable political turmoil. He describes his perspective as a witness to history with an opinion, but without taking sides. He addresses gun violence from the perspective of how it feels for those affected, without stepping in the fray of “guns are bad” or “they’re coming for our guns.” He acknowledges the reality of white privilege, without shaming anyone for it. He recognizes how simply trying to open a conversation may alienate some. He owns his positions and convictions, and earnestly invites discourse from any other perspective. This is what I admire and aspire to myself—to engage by coming alongside rather than coming at.

Do What You Can” is my new favorite rock anthem.  It’s an uplifting balm for all we’re going through, and reminds us that we can be okay, if we stick together: 

Although I’ll keep my social distance
What this world needs is a hug
Until we find the vaccination
There’s no substitute for love
So love yourself and love your family
Love your neighbor and your friend
Ain’t it time we loved the stranger
They’re just a friend you ain’t met yet

What risks are we each willing to take, to make our world better?

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