Old Classmates, New Good Friends

People are a paradox.

We are who we are from a very young age. And we evolve throughout our whole lives, becoming even more who we really are, and also very different versions of ourselves.

Tonight I am so grateful to have reconnected with my old classmate and new good friend Jim. We trained together 20+ years ago, and did not know each other well. That did not keep me from having strong opinions and judgements about him. *sigh* Oh, the blind and inflated confidence I have had in the assumptions I make and the stories I tell myself about others–yikes. I cringe, and also try to forgive myself. At 25, my brain was barely formed, and I was doing my best. I hope I did/do not hurt too many people in my youth/middle age and hubris.

I thank my lucky stars for the cosmic fortune of serial interactions with Jim these last few years, initiated through a mutual friend. How often do we get a chance to redo a relationship with so much new potential for mutual respect, uplift, resonance, creativity, innovation, exploration, and personal growth?

ACK, I’m just so excited, this is what makes the world turn for me–connecting, connecting, connecting!!! Who knows what’s coming around the corner–any given interaction could be a new friend, an old new friend, or anything awesome. BRING IT, woohooooooooooo!!!

4 thoughts on “Old Classmates, New Good Friends

  1. Refreshing to hear someone admitting to their past errors in judgement. Always a good opportunity for me to practice self forgiveness and acceptance; the base for the compassion I hope to pass on. Always glad to be reminded. 🙂

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