To My Tribe

You see me

You hear me

You understand, accept, and love me

For who I am

And who I strive to be

You hold me accountable to my own core values

You give me the benefit of the doubt

You tolerate my epistemic wanderings, cogitations, and theories

You sit with me, listening, hearing, processing, supporting, encouraging

You hold me up, help me live into each next better version of myself

You are learners, thinkers, connectors, dreamers, writers

You are curious lovers of ideas, courageous embracers of paradox

You do your own inner work

You make unique and valuable contributions to our world

Just by being you

I respect and admire you all so much

I have only incomplete and inadequate words to express the enormity of my gratitude

I only feel I can do great things because I have you

I know you’ got me

I’ got you too

We are all better, together.

Thank you to the beyond and back.


Here’s a great song that expresses it all.

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