Mastectomy Tat

art reveals society page, Facebook, public post by Daniela Popa, 11-15-2022 ~3pm CST

I so admire this photograph.

Are there even words to do it and its subject justice?




Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

6 thoughts on “Mastectomy Tat

  1. That is beautiful and powerful.

    Even better than the plague doctor tattoo I got on Halloween in memory of my father and all the other people who died (directly or indirectly) from the plagues sweeping the world. And then my best friend passed away a week later and come to find out he had Covid19 and it is indirectly responsible for his death, too.

    Tattoos are the best way I’ve found to take the lessons we’ve learned, the love we’ve been blessed to feel, and the pain of loss and make it all into wearable art.

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    • Ooo, HI TIM!! 😀 What other tats have you? 😀 I keep thinking of getting one but I cannot yet commit… It would be cartoonish, a little bison or moose, with a mountain… or the Colorado state flag “C”. ;P I am all for body art. I get excited to hear the story every time I see one on a patient. 🙂


      • I have 7 total now. Each one is meaningful to me, which is the point. I wouldn’t mind getting something just because if I were at an event, but I’m diabetic and have cats, so infection is always a concern. In fact, 3 of my 7 got infected during the healing process. Antibiotics are wonderful.

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