#AtoZChallenge: Questioning A to Z

I love asking questions, the more open-ended the better!

So let’s have a little compounded alphabet fun:


Question your Asssumptions.  Allow for Alternate realities to the ones you Assume.

Question your Biases.  Broaden your perspective.

Question your Conclusions.  What other stories could you tell to suffer less in your Circumstances?

Question Dogma.  Whom does it benefit?

Question Everything—just to make sure you get it.

Question your Fear.  Understand its utility, then put it in its place and move on.

EGilbert letter to fear

From Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook page, March 11, 2016; an exerpt from her brilliant book, _Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear_

Question Generalizations.  Apply them to individuals with Great caution.

Question Hubris.  Where Hides it in you, and how does it Hinder your enlightenment?

Question Ideas.  Flesh them out, stoke them, cultivate them.

Question Jealousy.  What does it do for you?  How does it make you behave?

Question Knowledge.  What do we really “Know?”  Beware the arrogance of believing we can Know all.

Question Love.  Reassess, revitalize, rekindle, relinquish.  Probe it, because it evolves.

Question the Majority.  Have they really got it right?  Stand with the Minority when necessary, and Question them, too.

Question Nature.  Explore.  Dig.  Observe.  Learn.  Exalt!

Question Opacity.  What’s being hidden or withheld?  Why?

Question Perfection.  Is it really attainable, and what does it cost you to strive for it? Consider Perseverance as a healthier alternative Pursuit.

Question Quality.  What’s it worth to you?  What are you willing to settle for?

Question Resistance.  Have patience, get curious.  Before attempting to persuade, try to understand.

Question the Sages in your life.  Ask them to tell their stories.  There is always something to learn.

Question Time.  There is no substitute and it is finite.  Are you spending it wisely?

Question the Universe.  What has it to teach us?  In its vastness, what do we contribute?

Question Violence.  Where lies its inciting pain?  Can it be healed?  How can we prevent it?

Question Wealth.  Do you have it where it matters?

Question Xenophobia.  Always.

Question Yesterday.  What moved you? Surprised you? Taught you?

Question the Zeitgeist.  What does it tell us about our life and times?  Do we  need to change course?


What, how, when, why, and whom do you Question?