Sometimes It Just Is

Sweary even more than usual
Foul mood …for no specific reason
Neck pain
Back pain
Dreading people
Why why why
Smoke alarms of mind and body
Where is the fire
…Maybe there isn’t one
Maybe it’s just everything (‘everywhere all at once’)
Work stress
Shorter, darker days
Capitalist materialist holidays
Poor sleep
Homesick for the mountains
Impatient for social progress
Shootings everywhere …world going to hell
So …don’t miss a workout
Make healthier food choices whenever possible
Uphold boundaries
Breathe deep …and again
Stay connected
Stop over analyzing
Let it go …or at least loosen the grip …ease the pursuit
Take care of self anyway …all the better and more
Do what you know to do
It will balance out
What you need to know will emerge eventually


Bringing Our Best Thankful Selves

Feral turkeys, Brookline, MA

Will we be more thankful than annoyed this day?

Will we see one another through a lens of love and connection more than division and derision?

How will we show up with what we share, more than with our differences?

How will we contribute to a pleasant gathering for our loved ones, rather than one to be dreaded?

I feel similarly about Thanksgiving today to what I wrote in 2016. Wow, that was a lifetime ago. Things feel worse in so many ways now, which I would not have thought possible then.

Still, gratitude holds me up every day. I also still resent a socially designated day for professed thanksgiving, with conventions of gathering that are so famous for their discord that people resort to dark humor to cope. The dissonance is deafening. If you’re looking for advice on how to behave, it’s everywhere; try here, here, and here.

Okay, time to manage my cynicism now. I commit to showing up joyful for all that I have, all the people who make my life full and rich, for those who teach me through challange, and for healthy body, mind, spirit, and tribe. I will strive to emit light rather than darkness. Today is as good a day to practice as any.

Taming Mama Bear

Sometimes it feels like not enough to simply empathize and validate. I have been there, I have life experience, I know what you need!


So then we have to empathize *enough* to remember what it’s like when empathy and validation are missing, and we get force fed solutions instead.

Definitely better to sedate the bear.