Funny Helps

NaBloPomo 2020 – Today’s Lesson

“Your quarantine nickname = how you feel right now + the last thing you ate.”

Hello, my name is Tired Toast.  Please meet my Facebook friends Anxious Carrot, Determined Wasabi Pea, Vexed Guacamole, Chilly Gingersnap, Perky Wontons, Grumpy Curry, Happy Nachos, and Bored Dried Cherries.  Welcome to the quarantine buffet, where we commune and relax.  Bring what ya’ got, just who you are, no matter your condition.  We don’t care how you smell.  You have a seat at the table here.  But ya gotta play nice; no food fights.

One of my leaders acknowledged this week that whereas we used to refill on weekends, these days our tanks never get all the way full before the next week starts.  I take my analogies seriously, so I contemplated this one.  It depends on the weekend, I think.  If I can avoid overscheduling and the sun shines, I can get mostly back to F.  But no doubt, I head into weekends ‘way more empty now than I used to.

Small funnies help.  They’re the perfect combination of low effort, instant connection, and mood boost.

What made you smile and laugh out loud today?

I recommend The Big Bang Theory—any episode of the twelve seasons (it’s syndicated).  I’ve seen every one multiple times, and I still love every minute.  Friends with nerds—what could be better??  When I’m old and demented, park me in a recliner with a tub of ice cream and BBT on loop, and I’ll die happy.  If you’re looking for funny to share, check out Nathan Pyle and his fun-speaking blue beings. 

Formidable forces ride toward us.  We’ll all need our humorous wits about us now.

Kevin Kline, POTUS, and Death

NaBloPoMo 2018:  What I’m Learning

***NO, I do not wish death on the president.***

Have you seen Dave, the movie about the temp agency owner kidnapped by the Secret Service to impersonate the president, and then forced to prolong the charade after the president dies unexpectedly?  It’s one of my favorite movies, and I love Kevin Kline, who plays Dave/POTUS.  There is just something so genuine and relatable about him and his character in this film.

I just finished listening to “Have a Nice Day,” an Audible* Original, written by Billy Crystal and Quinton Peoples.  It was recorded in front of a live audience, and once again Kevin Kline plays POTUS.  He brings the same lovable qualities to this role as he did to “Dave.”  Annette Benning plays FLOTUS, and Billy Crystal plays the angel of death with an anxiety disorder.  With more than a couple fun plot twists and the familiar voices of performers we know and love, I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up!

I appreciate humor more and more.  No other genre can tackle the hardest things about life and help us laugh about them, hold them a little more lightly, and continue with a slightly lighter heart.  Thinking about the immediacy and permanence of death can be frightening and acutely uncomfortable.  But it also often puts things in clear perspective, and it liberates.

It’s been both a dense and unproductive holiday weekend, relative to my lofty expectations.  Inspiration both overflows and stalls, thus no post last night.  Consider this to be the make-up assignment.  I have learned that true to my #1 trait as defined by the Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0 nine years ago, I have been inputting disproportionately and not leaving enough time to process, integrate, and synthesize.  But that’s okay, because little plays like “Have a Nice Day” help me reset.  I can forgive myself for falling off the NaBloPoMo wagon for a day.  Now I can regroup and catch up.  I’m so excited to share my learnings here!

My goal was to sit down, write, and publish this post before I started feeling cold from sitting in sweaty, post workout clothes.  Almost there!  If you have about 75 minutes, I highly recommend listening to this short, endearing little play.  Let me know what you think!


*I have no financial interests in any people, companies, or products mentioned here.


I Love Nerd Humor

Wanna hear a joke about sodium?  Na.  Wanna hear a joke about sodium hypobromite?  NaBro.

Okay let’s lighten things up a little.  Back to heavier stuff tomorrow. 😉

I love being a nerd.  I love learning new things, seeing how they connect to old things, and standing in awe at nature and how it’s all perfectly tuned and balanced, despite us and our meddling.  The parameters for normal function in the human body are incredibly narrow.  Temperature, blood pressure, pH, and electrolyte concentrations, for instance, all have well-defined optimal ranges.  But we have all seen one or multiple of these systems go wildly off track, and not only do we survive, we function!  For long periods, sometimes—our bodies compensate—all the while literally defying disaster and death.  And it all boils down to simple laws of physics, chemistry, and biology.  Amazing.

So whenever I see jokes about science, math, or medicine, I laugh out loud and show it to my kids.  They’re nerds too, you see.  We are a proud nerd family.  Here are some of our favorites; please share yours!

What do you call an acid with an attitude?  A mean-oh acid.

You matter.  Unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared, then you energy.

I lost an electron!  Are you sure?  I’m positive!

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.

first world problems


we cant eat the whole pie

stress fracture

stem cells

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, acapella science, who made the MOST NERDY cover of Despacito ever, and also this parody of Meghan Trainor!!  Oh my gosh I’m so happy right now.